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The Curse of Black Excellence

In this 2023 film, protagonist Monk (Jeffrey Wright) is an established professor and novelist disillusioned by Black people’s relegation to offensive tropes and stereotypes. Wanting to prove a point and frustrated by lack of support for his published work that stays true to his voice, Monk pens a satirical, disingenuous novel “based on a true story” that directly feeds the Black stereotypes he despises.

The Ink of Pain

The ink of pain patiently tattoos, the permanent image of the dreams worth our pursuit. The ink of pain deeply engraves, the unforgettable imprint of a path to be paved.

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The Current

Spectrum Spotify Playlists: Everlasting Gospel, Flow Prophetic, Diaspora Sound

Enjoy music created by Seventh-day Adventist artists. Spectrum announces Spotify playlists in collaboration with curator Maxwell Aka.

Spectrum: Everlasting Gospel

If you love the depth, power, and pathos of Gospel music, this is the playlist for you. Gospel music in its various subgenres, performed by Adventist artists. 

Spectrum: Flow Prophetic

Rap and Hip-Hop fans, this is the playlist for you. Hear the voices of young Seventh-day Adventist lyricists with something to say. 

Spectrum: Diaspora Sound

From the continental Africa to Latin America and the Caribbean, the sounds of the diaspora are vibrant. Hear Adventist artists exploring the sound of “back home.”

ADRA Chile Sets New Guinness World Record, Supports “One Child, One Bed” Initiative

On February 10 in the city of Chillán, Chile, the Seventh-day Adventist humanitarian aid organization ADRA Chile assembled the largest bed in the world, beating the previous “largest bed” Guinness World Record set thirteen years ago in the Netherlands. The record attempt was part of ADRA’s One Child, One Bed campaign that provides bedding and other aid for vulnerable communities.

ADRA’s bed measured 19.52 by 32.72 meters (64 by 107 feet), roughly the size of an indoor soccer field, beating the previous record of 16.44 meters by 26.5 meters (53 feet 11 inches by 86 feed 11 inches) set by the Commissie Zomerfeesten St. Gregorius Hertme in Hertme, the Netherlands on May 28, 2011.

ADRA’s nearly 14 ton assemblage was a collaboration between ADRA and 6,000 Pathfinders participating in a national Pathfinder camporee held at the Adventist University of Chile. Pathfinders contributed air mattresses to the giant bed’s construction.

The construction of the bed required:

148 scaffold bodies
380 metal planks
4825 screws + 1622 piercing screws
680 technical hours
56 assembly volunteers
171 liters of paint
18 4-inch rollers
184 down covers
250 meters of sheets
180 mattresses

The completed bed measured 8 meters high at the headboard. The bed’s mattress was made of 180 air mattresses stacked four high. An 18 meter long pillow (roughly the size of four family-sized vehicles) sat at the head of the bed. The construction weighed 13,800 kilos.

The construction brought together ADRA aid workers, Pathfinders, numerous other volunteers, and private companies including Incatex Ltda. and a construction company that diagrammed and assembled the bed.

ADRA’s annual “One Child, One Bed” campaign raises funds to deliver complete new beds to children and adolescents who are experiencing poverty, affected by disasters or who are in vulnerable conditions (violence, abuse, abandonment, negligence, etc.).

ADRA Chile director Diego Trincado said of the underdtaking,

“The result is incredible when the work is collaborative. The challenge was immense: 14 tons of material and 400 square meters, along with the contribution of the mattresses by the campers to beat the current record. More than the record, which is otherwise spectacular, we are motivated to work from our humanitarian agency for the well-being of the children and adolescents of our country.”

ADRA is an Adventist humanitarian aid agency that has been working around the world for more than 40 years and in Chile for 37 years. ADRA provides disaster relief and aid to vulnerable communities. The agency obtains financing from donation campaigns. ADRA Chile has also been awarded government projects through public funds to provide daily care for more than 3,600 children and adolescents in temporary foster families, a commitment ADRA has sustained for three decades. In addition, it works to promote economic development, safe water, food, etc. among other lines of action.

You can support the One Child, One Bed initiative at

ADRA International, Chile

Jared Wright |

Southern Adventist University’s Chemistry Department Collaborates with McKee Foods

McKee Foods, maker of brands such as Little Debbie and Sunbelt Bakery, has partnered with Southern Adventist University to use chemistry equipment that the company doesn’t have and provide opportunities for students, according to a story from the university.

Jared Freeman, an analytical chemist at McKee Foods and alum of Southern, said the equipment at Southern can help them troubleshoot and find issues. “The instrumentation that Southern has is incredibly helpful for troubleshooting, that’s the big thing,” he says. “We have an issue, we don’t know why, and we can take it over here [Southern].”

Brent Hamstra, PhD, professor and chair of the chemistry department, feels that this collaboration with McKee Foods is a great opportunity for students to see how chemistry works in the real world. Hamstra shares that chemistry students sometimes have a hard time realizing that a chemistry degree is beneficial for a lot of jobs; going into medicine is not the only option. Hamstra believes that students hearing about chemists from McKee Foods using Southern’s instrumentation for real-life problems will help open their eyes to more options.

The McKee family has been a prominent benefactor of the university over the years. —Southern Adventist University via WDEF

Alex Aamodt |

Recent Articles

Adventist musician Wilfredo rapping

The Unlikely Rise of Adventist Rap

In the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a denomination predictably and consistently hostile to any hint of hip-hop culture, it would seem unlikely that a young crop of passionate, self-motivated independent rappers would pop up across the landscape. But it is happening, and it’s time for the Adventist Church not only to take notice, but also to reckon with how much of a resource it is wasting.

Eat Right. Take a Day Off.

We seem to refuse to learn from our mistakes. We cling to that which no longer works and wonder why young adults leave. We lose integrity when we fail to address problems because it is not expedient, or doing so would deviate from tradition.

Youth Group Podcast Cast

Wait (for what?), Can We Talk About Sex, Love, and Purity Culture?

This Valentine’s Day we begin a three-episode conversation about the history, theology, and personal impact of purity culture. Although rooted in socioreligious mores that pre-date the term, purity culture emerged in the 1990s as an evangelical Christian cultural movement. It continues to influence Seventh-day Adventist understandings of dating and marriage, sexual expression and gender identity…

The Importance of an Open Mind

Ralph Sockman writes about the importance of having an open mind. But oftentimes, our prejudice gets in the way. Churches must build an understanding of themselves and others if they truly want to reach others for Jesus.

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Youth Group Podcast Episode 1 Guests

Sex, Love, and Purity Culture: A New Spectrum Conversation

On February 14, Spectrum’s brand new Youth Group podcast launches a limited video series on sex, love, and purity culture. It features Spectrum staff and contributing writers, including Sofia Lindgren, Christina Cannon, Ezrica Bennett, Kendra Arsenault, Ari Bates. The first episode explores the personal effects of purity culture, a movement that focused on teaching young adults that premarital sex harmed them spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Ezrica Bennett Dear Black Girl

Dear Black Girl: A Renaissance of Identity

The phrase “Numbers don’t lie” reverberated in my mind as I stared at a graph glaring from the page of a popular magazine. The accompanying article explored women’s attractiveness by race. Black women were at the bottom of the graph. I remember the strange feeling that suffused my soul. I felt like I had been unveiled, like the secret of my worthlessness was now painfully visible to everyone else. My most recent healing experience surprisingly came in a theater watching Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé.

Advent Health Series - Timothy Cook

A Year to Light the Way

One of the many realities of aging has been a renewed appreciation for, and dependence on, light. To reduce the strain on my eyes, I’ve turned up the light on my phone and computer. I’ve also noticed that night driving has lost its appeal for me. Maybe you can relate if you’ve walked into a room at night trying to find your bearings or, as I have, stepped on a stray LEGO in a darkened room; things that we could have avoided in the light.