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Redlands Adventist Academy teacher accused of inappropriate contact by multiple students

A male teacher at Redlands Adventist Academy, a K-12 school in Redlands, California, is under investigation by police following allegations of inappropriate contact with multiple female students. According to the Redlands Police Department, the most recent allegation was made in April, but reports of inappropriate behavior go back three years. Investigators believe the teacher “inappropriately touched at least five students” who were between the ages of 14 and 17. Police were sent to the school on May 7 in response to the allegations. 

The unidentified teacher was placed on leave by the school and is under an administrative investigation as well as the criminal investigation by the Redlands Police Department.

School officials said in a statement given to Spectrum that their priority is the safety and protection of their students and asked anyone with further information to contact the Redlands Police Department. 

“When we learned last week about an alleged inappropriate conduct by a faculty member, we immediately placed that instructor on leave. We quickly contacted the Redlands Police Department and asked for their assistance in an investigation,” the school’s statement reads.

Redlands Adventist Academy has around 400 students each year, according to their website. The school year for junior high and high school students ends May 30, and the 1st through 6th grade school year ends May 31.

The Redlands Police Department asked that anyone with information about the investigation or who may have been a victim contact Detective Steve Truong at (909) 798-7643.

Redlands Daily Facts

Matthew Orquia |

3ABN’s Danny Shelton Calls Himself a Nationalist

In an almost two hour 3ABN Today Live show on April 4, 2024, Danny Shelton, his fourth wife Yvonne, and two staff prophetic interpreters discussed racism, slavery, abortion, transgender visibility.

After a preamble that focused on allegorical interpretations of Revelation 13, Danny Shelton, founder of 3ABN, explained he was going to “throw a bunch [of thoughts] out” on political and prophetic topics. To questions about whether he identifies politically as a “nationalist,” Shelton mentioned that he has studied its meaning and then said twice: “I am.”

An explainer on nationalism by the evangelical Christianity Today, notes how it differs from patriotism. “Most scholars agree that nationalism starts with the belief that humanity is divisible into mutually distinct, internally coherent cultural groups defined by shared traits like language, religion, ethnicity, or culture.” It explains why this is flawed, stating,

Humanity is not easily divisible into mutually distinct cultural units. Cultures overlap and their borders are fuzzy. Since cultural units are fuzzy, they make a poor fit as the foundation for political order. Cultural identities are fluid and hard to draw boundaries around, but political boundaries are hard and semipermanent. Attempting to found political legitimacy on cultural likeness means political order will constantly be in danger of being felt as illegitimate by some group or other. Cultural pluralism is essentially inevitable in every nation.

While expressing their nonpartisanship, the presenters cited many politically Right-wing talking points and said that those who bring up America’s history of slavery in an effort to ameliorate racism “have no respect.”

While reciting traditional Seventh-day Adventist concerns about the separation of church and state, Danny Shelton said that he “just won’t vote for anybody who supports same-sex marriage and abortion.” He also stated that efforts to talk about race and transgender visibility are harmful to the nation of America and Christianity.

Spectrum reached out to 3ABN and has not received a response to questions at the time of this post.

Alexander Carpenter |

Gillette Boosts Cell Coverage Ahead of Camporee

Due to the estimated 60,000 visitors coming for the International Pathfinder Camporee, the town of Gillette, Wyoming, has granted a zoning exemption for the installation of a temporary cell tower to bolster the area’s network. The influx of campers from August 5–11 will almost triple the size of Gillette—estimated population of 33,496—briefly making it the largest city in the state of Wyoming.

Cell service around the Cam-plex, the city’s 1,100-acre event facility hosting the Camporee, “can be sketchy,” according to the Gillette News Record. The tens of thousands of Pathfinder clubs could further stress the area’s telecommunications networks.

In July, Verizon will install the Cam-plex’s temporary cell tower at Morningside Park, an arena and outdoor dirt track. The mobile cell site will be taken down in August after the Camporee is over.

Gillette is the administrative center of Campbell County, which has just over 47,000 residents. The site of the annual county fair, the Cam-plex has also hosted the National High School Finals Rodeo several times in recent years.

Gillette News Record

Matthew Orquia |
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JustLove Collective Releases Statement Calling for Love and Justice

In the ministry of Jesus, the voices of the Hebrew prophets, and the examples of our Adventist pioneers—who stood up for the poor and oppressed and fought non-violently against social evils such as racism and slavery—we recognize that the work of justice is “the kind of ministry that will bring life into the churches,” as well as changing the world for those who most urgently need it to be changed.


July 1, 2024

[EVENT] Society of Adventist Philosophers Call for Papers – Proposals Due July 1

The Society of Adventist Philosophers invites you to submit a paper proposal for this year’s conference on the theme “Called to be Free: Philosophical Reflections on the Contours of Freedom” taking place on November 21st, 2024, in San Diego, CA. Students and teachers from all fields are welcome to submit a proposal until July 1st. Accepted papers will be notified by September 1st.