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  • Ronald Osborn | Comments
    In the fourth post of Spectrum’s 2018 Summer Reading Group, Ronald Osborn discusses Chapters 6 and 7 of "Stand out of our Light" by James Williams.
  • David Larson | Comments
    Deciding not to aim the canons of compliance at union conferences but at their presidents is a desperate and doomed attempt finally to find a place where the exercise of coercive administrative power will work. This is what specialists call “targeted killing.” It succeeds in some well understood circumstances. Trying to subdue union conferences by subverting their presidents is not among them.
  • Alita Byrd | Comments
    A trip to Seoul last week sparked a renewed interest in my great-grandparents, who were some of the first Adventist missionaries to Korea, serving there from 1917 to 1932. Requests to my mother for family stories and research at Adventist institutions in Seoul yielded a picture of a sincere and hardworking family, who lived through historically interesting times in a fascinating part of the world.
Pam Dietrich | Comments

In this week’s news round-up, Adventist and other Christian churches suffer from Chinese government suppression, an Adventist choral group in Zimbabwe is recording a new album, and Adventist schools in Washington and West Virginia are sued for abuse and sexual assault of students.

Alita Byrd | Comments

The Northern Asia-Pacific Division's International Mission Congress 2018 in Seoul, South Korea, closed its three-and-a-half days with a bang on Sabbath, August 11. 

Alita Byrd | Comments

The penultimate day of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division's International Mission Congress on August 10, 2018,  featured sermons by Gary Krause and Mark Finley, more music from the talented Golden Angels and other choirs, and compelling short videos of different countries in the NSD. The saddest segment of the day was a tribute to Korean Pastor Ji YoungBae, who died of yellow fever in Brazil, while serving in a Korean church there. 

Alita Byrd | Comments

Brand convergence, Sabbath School app, extreme mission trips, sharing app for Adventist media professionals, manga comics, and event planning were all topics on the last day of GAiN 2018.

Alita Byrd | Comments

The second day of the GAiN conference in Korea showcased videos, apps, social networks, film contests, and legal help from a wide variety of presenters. A vast array of cutting-edge projects are being developed in every division, as evidenced by the projects featured.

Alita Byrd | Comments

The 2018 Northern Asia-Pacific Division International Mission Congress — being called a mini GC — has opened in Goyang, South Korea. Take a look at some of the sights.

Alita Byrd | Comments

“It’s never been easier to speak up. It’s never been harder to be heard.” —Sam Neves

Bjorn Karlman | Comments

Filipinos have a well-deserved reputation for fun-loving ingenuity. Whatever the challenge or obstacle, they find a way to get around it with a smile on their faces and a joke to lighten the mood. There’s a reason that the best-known tourism slogan for the country is, “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” It’s true in countless ways, often despite a squeeze on resources.

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