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Association of Adventist Women Junia Award Recipients

Association of Adventist Women Presents the 2024 Junia Awards

The Association of Adventist Women created the annual Junia Awards to highlight women from each division who are active in local church leadership, administration, or religious training. Like Junia and many other women in the early church, we wish to highlight their nurturing and sustaining church life, including groundbreaking new roles for women and roles representative of or unique in their division.

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Adventist HealthCare Names John Sackett President and CEO

Adventist HealthCare has announced that John Sackett will be its next president and CEO, effective August 4. Terry Forde, who had previously occupied those roles, announced in April that he would be leaving to helm the Florida system Health First.   

Sackett has been Adventist HealthCare’s chief operating officer since 2014 and also previously served as president of the Shady Grove Medical Center. According to a press release, “Sackett helped launch Adventist HealthCare’s Leadership System and its Standard Management Approach that earned a Malcolm Baldrige Category Best Practice Recognition, one of the nation’s highest honors for performance excellence. He also guided the system’s expansion of comprehensive care through the integration of additional acute care hospitals and significant campus improvement projects.”

Emmanuel Asiedu, chair of the Adventist HealthCare Board of Directors, praised Sackett’s experience. “John Sackett has consistently demonstrated a steadfast commitment to mission-driven healthcare leadership and to providing our community with excellent patient care,” he said.

Adventist HealthCare, which traces its roots to the Washington Sanitarium founded by the Adventist Church in 1907, is headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The organization has six owned and managed hospitals and more than 50 facilities across the greater Washington, D.C. region.

Adventist HealthCare

Alex Aamodt |

ADRA Hosts Event for Gaza Refugees in Australia

On July 14, ADRA Victoria hosted an event for refugees from Gaza. According to the Adventist Record, 86 families came for the “Family Fun Day,” many of whom have been supported by local Adventist churches in Australia.

Hosted at the Narre Warren campus of Heritage College—an Adventist school in south-eastern Melbourne—buses collected families from the south-eastern, western and northern suburbs of Melbourne. The Fun Day featured lunch provided by members of the Samoan Adventist community, live music, referrals to legal services, and art and games for the children, as well as household goods and food that the families could take home with them.

One of the local leaders of the Arabic community expressed her appreciation for “an enormously successful day . . . Your humanity and generosity of spirit in giving up your Sunday to make the lives of Palestinians that little bit brighter was a truly Christian thing to do.”

Moe Stiles, pastor of the Crosswalk Melbourne Church, worked with her members to volunteer at the event. “To be able to humanize issues that are often so far away is powerful!” she said. “To engage in conversation, to hear stories of their journey, to sit and share a meal is a privilege. For Australians—whether by birth or migration—to show up like this is another way to say, ‘You are welcome here.’”

Adventist Record

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Adventist Leaders Respond to Ghana’s President about Voting on Saturday

Last week, Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo asked Adventist Church members to put aside their objections and vote in the upcoming elections that will be held on a Saturday later this year. On July 20, Adventist leaders in Ghana released a statement encouraging members to abstain from voting on the Sabbath, as reported by Modern Ghana.

“We wish to reiterate our longstanding conviction that voting on Saturday, the Sabbath of the Lord, is not in alignment with our religious beliefs,” the statement says.  The presidents of Ghana’s two Adventist unions write that “our long-standing conviction and teaching have been that members should not engage in non-religious activities, including voting [on the Sabbath].”

The statement emphasizes that Adventist leaders have advocated for changing the election date, though the efforts have been unsuccessful. Although the statement says the church’s official stance is not voting unless there is a date change, it also recognizes the “diversity of opinions within our membership.” Adventists make up around 1 percent of Ghana’s population, and the vast majority did not vote the last time elections fell on a Saturday.

Modern Ghana

Alex Aamodt |
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