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Volume 52, Issue 1

Volume 52 Issue 1 Spring April 5, 2024

2 The Grace of Meaning and Mission | BY ALEXANDER CARPENTER
3 Fearful Fortification or Joyful Walk? | BY CARMEN LAU

Questions for Theology
5 The Art of Remembering: It Matters How We Tell the Story | BY MATHILDE FREY
13 Did God Create Viruses? | BY JAMES L. HAYWARD
22 Thinking Philosophy and Theology Together (2023 Address to the Society of Adventist Philosophers) | BY GARY CHARTIER

Adventist Studies and Stories
35 Ellen White’s Breathless Visions | BY RONALD D. GRAYBILL
45 “The Work Is Onward”: How Former Farmers Grew Adventism
in the American South and Southern Africa | BY CIRO SEPULVEDA

Book Reviews and Excerpts
53 Chief of Sinners Novel Excerpt | BY NOLAN RYAN
61 Rice and Peckham: A Comparison of Two Introductory College Textbooks on Theology | BY WARREN C. TRENCHARD

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