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Tweeting the Meeting: Day 7, Women’s Ordination


Tweets are flying at the Alamodome in San Antonio as delegates, attendees, and media share insights about the proceedings. Here is our Twitter roundup from Day Seven:

Day seven was dedicated solely to the issue of women’s ordination in the church. Delegates and attendees expressed much anticipation leading up to this day. The delegate section was full for the first time all Session, as was the audience section in the Dome. Many were actively engaged on Twitter as well.

Throughout the day, delegates and tweeters alike discussed the women ministers who have made a difference in their lives.

The Chair, Mike Ryan, and many delegates expressed frustration that points of order kept interrupting the proceedings, taking away time from delegates who wished to speak.

In the afternoon, Elder Paulsen, former GC President, took to the mic to express his desire for a "yes" vote. Many delegates booed as he spoke passionately in support of ordaining women ministers.

At 4:30 pm, after hours of delegate discussion, it was time to vote. The vote was taken by secret ballot since the General Conference scrapped the electronic voting system last week.

While we waited for the votes to be cast and counted, music played as anticipation built.

Though many were not surprised by the “no” vote, many were shocked by how close the vote came and the implications of this split.

After the vote, those in support of women’s ordination took to Twitter to express their heartache and discontent.

Even a well-known Christian leader from another denomination joined in with encouraging words for our Adventist female ministers.

Others decided to take a light-hearted approach to help ease the pain.

The Spectrum Magazine staff attended the NAD meeting after the vote, where there was an uplifting spirit toward our women called to ministry.


Rachel Logan is a Intern, and a member of the General Conference reporting team in San Antonio, Texas.

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