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Mission in Our People: A Journey of Purpose and Healing

Olesa Acevedo - AdventHealth

Growing up in Moldova, I was blessed to be surrounded by strong women who embodied resilience, compassion and purpose. My grandmother, a nurturing matriarch, not only ran a successful flower business but also cared for our family with unwavering love and dedication. Her life was a testament to the power of purpose-driven work, where every action was infused with meaning and intention.

This early influence planted the seeds of a deep desire within me—a desire to pursue meaningful work that blends leadership, compassion and service. Little did I know that this desire would lead me to AdventHealth, a place where purpose and mission converge to extend the healing ministry of Christ to the communities we serve.

Today, the search for meaning in our daily lives is a quest shared by many. It’s a trend that resonates deeply with me, one that underscores the importance of instilling a sense of purpose and mission at every level of our organization.

Over the years, I have seen how team members who feel connected to a higher purpose and a sense of mission become more resilient, engaged and fulfilled in their roles. This realization inspires us to focus not only on mission but also on culture and sustainability, ensuring that our team finds deep meaning and purpose in their work.

Although we strive to nurture a sense of purpose and mission among our team members, we also understand that doing so goes beyond organizational initiatives. It requires a holistic approach that acknowledges our team members as whole individuals with lives outside of work. By recognizing and supporting their personal values, passions and aspirations, we empower them to bring their authentic selves to work. This, in turn, enhances their sense of purpose, mission and fulfillment.

As a result, our mission—Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ—permeates every aspect of our organization. It is not just a mission statement but a guiding principle that shapes our culture, actions, and decisions. Our team members embody this mission in their daily interactions, turning routine tasks into acts of compassion and service. And it shows.

At every location where we serve, our caregivers and team members exemplify the healing ministry of Christ. They view their roles not as mere jobs but as sacred callings—an opportunity to be instruments of God’s healing grace. Whether comforting a patient in distress, supporting a colleague in need, or engaging in community outreach, our team lives out our mission with unwavering dedication and compassion.

Reflecting on my own journey, I am reminded of the profound impact of purpose-driven actions. My experiences have shaped my understanding of purpose and mission. Now, as a leader at AdventHealth, I find immense joy in fulfilling God’s mission through my work. I can lead with empathy, compassion, and a deep commitment to whole-person care. My journey reflects the interconnectedness of personal purpose and organizational mission, highlighting how each individual’s story contributes to the larger narrative of healing and service.

As we embrace the significance of purpose in our lives, I invite you to reflect on the connections between your daily responsibilities and your organization’s mission. How do you find purpose where you are today? What inspires you to extend compassion and healing to those around you?

I believe that purpose and missional focus are not just destinations but part of a continuous journey of growth and discovery. Together, as a community united in faith and service, we can embrace purpose, extend compassion, and live out the healing ministry of Christ in profound and impactful ways.

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10 – NIV)

My hope for the next generation is to devote themselves to healing, compassion, and faith, blending the science of medicine with the art of grace and empathy. In this way, we can bring Christ’s love and healing to more people, meanwhile embodying the mission of extending Christ’s healing ministry to all.

May our shared sense of purpose and mission continue to guide us on this transformative journey of healing and service.

Olesea Azevedo

About the author

Olesea Azevedo is Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer at AdventHealth. More from Olesea Azevedo.
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