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Mr. Bussey Goes to Washington


Barry Bussey, a Canadian attorney, is going to work on Capitol Hill about the same time as Barack Obama moves into the White House. He has been elected to serve as the Adventist Church's liaison to the US government. Spectrum asked him about his new position, and his views on politics and religion.

Question: You were recently appointed as the new associate director for the world church's Public Affairs and Religious Liberty department, serving as the church's liaison to the US Congress. When do you take up your new role and what will your primary duties be?

To Fight or Not to Fight


This interview with Joel Klimkewicz, an Adventist Marine who fought through a court martial for the right to be a non-combatant, was originally posted on David Hamstra's blog apokalupto. It is reprinted here with permission.

Joel Klimkewicz is a colleague of mine at the Adventist Theological Seminary, with whom I have enjoyed several classes. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I realized that he is the former US Marine who had received media coverage (Adventist links are the only ones still up.) a couple years ago for spending time in the brig on account of his non-combatant convictions.

Taking Care of Women and Children


The Honorable Lady Justice Mary Ang’awa, judge in the High Court of Kenya, was honored as Woman of the Year at the Association of Adventist Women’s Conference, October 11, 2008.

The standing of women and children in society has always been important to Judge Ang’awa. In the 1990s, she established the SINAGA Center, a charity to empower children through literacy, numeracy, home-management and market-oriented skills. Twenty-five hundred children have undergone training in this program.

Let's Talk About Mission


Gary Krause, an Australian born to missionary parents in Fiji, is director of the Office of Adventist Mission at the General Conference. His office funds mission work and prepares mission quarterlies, Adventist Mission DVDs and other communications about the mission work of the church.

Mission, always an integral part of the Adventist church and ideology, is also a concept that must evolve and change. Spectrum asked Krause about his definition of mission and his goals for the GC's mission office.

How the Book was Inspired


Spectrum asked Chris Lewis, co-author of The Character of God Controversy, to explain how he became inspired to write a book exploring the character of God and His sense of justice.

Question: I note that the book cites scriptural references and carefully selected statements from the writings of Ellen White. In preparing for the writing of this book, did you and Steve Wohlberg consult sources outside of Scripture / Ellen White? What other sources (Adventist or non-Adventist) did you draw upon?

A Short History of a Spectrum Editor

Branson Roy.jpg

I interviewed Roy Branson for the Association of Adventist Forums' printed Annual Report, handed out at last weekend's Forum Conference in Orlando, Florida. But the Annual Report did not have enough space to capture all of Roy Branson's thoughts on the history of Spectrum, so the complete interview is published here.

The Story Behind the Slogans


After the Spectrum blog featured a new business that crams traditional Adventist culture and stereotypes into clever T-shirt slogans, we thought we'd track down the young Adventist entrepreneurs behind the idea and ask them how their brand-new business got started.

Union College Prepares for Emergencies

Jeff Joiner.jpg

Jeff Joiner helped to start Union College's groundbreaking International Rescue and Relief program, teaching students emergency medical care, disaster management and a range of additional skills. He talks to Spectrum about how the program started and where its graduates are heading.

Question: How did the International Rescue and Relief program get started? What inspired it?

An Adventist College for the 21st Century

David E. Greenlaw.JPG

Florida Hospital College President David Greenlaw talks to Spectrum about creating a different kind of educational institution and how Adventism can reach outside itself to the broader community.

Question: You are the founder of Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences. Can you describe what inspired you to start the college, and what led up to its opening?

Answer: First, some background might help. Florida Hospital is the largest SDA institution in the world. It has had a constant need for new professionals in nursing and allied health.

Web Church Proves Popular in Florida and Beyond

delwin finch.jpg

Delwin Finch is the Web Church Pastor for the Forest Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church in Apopka, Florida. He talks to Spectrum about church ministry in the 21st century and how he and his team are working to bring the Forest Lake church to a bigger community than ever before.

Question: Your church has been known for using technology in your outreach 
efforts. What are some of the things you are doing?

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