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Spotlight on “Testament: Story of Moses,” New from Netflix

Moses: Netflix Series

Among a rich collection of screen adaptations of the Moses story comes this new three-part series produced by Emre Sahin and Kelly McPherson. Grounded in the humanness of Moses, this fresh look into one of history’s most epic stories combines many elements of storytelling in a new way. The result is an incredible journey for both newcomers and those very familiar with Moses’ story. 

The story, set as a docudrama, takes viewers through the Exodus account in vivid fashion, coupled with insights from passionate scholars, theologians, and historians. These speakers represent the three Abrahamic faiths, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths, that hold Moses as a prophet. 

By engaging with the story in this manner, McPherson hopes to elicit emotional responses in viewers. He hopes those who may not already know the story will see its enduring qualities, showing why the Moses story still speaks to hearers and viewers today. He layers the story with surprises for those who feel at home in the Mosaic narrative.

Testament: Story of Moses premieres March 27, 2024 on Netflix.

Listen to this exclusive interview with series producer, Kelly McPherson.

Watch the series trailer:

Kevin McCarty

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Kevin R. McCarty is a spiritual care provider and Indigenous ally who lives, works, and worships on the unceded traditional S’olh Temexw territory of the Stó:lō people. More from Kevin R. McCarty.
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