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Walter Brueggemann: The Law That Listens


The Adult Bible Study Guide once again focuses on sin and repentance in its daily discussion of Deuteronomy. It lays out the basics: 

The idea is simple and straightforward: if you mess up, terrible consequences will result for you and your family. That’s what sin does. However, even then, you can repent, and the Lord will take you back and bless you.

That's a classic salvation narrative, in a way a conversation between a human and God. In the video below, renowned Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann enriches this story with his rich understanding of Hebrew scripture and its context in Ancient Near Eastern culture. According to the host for this talk, Fuller Theological Seminary, his focus on “Law: The Summons to Keep Listening" reveals "the law of Yahweh not as static and totalizing but as an ongoing conversation between God and God’s people."


Alexander Carpenter is executive editor elect of Spectrum


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