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Tweeting the Meeting: The Real Story of Day One, Told in Tweets


The day started with worship and an observance of the Seventh-day Adventist Health message:

Almost immediately after the business meeting began, the question of women’s ordination came up from the floor, unexpectedly and unbidden.

Lowell Cooper walked delegates through the new electronic voting system. However, the voting devices began malfunctioning almost immediately.

The change back to yellow voting cards was met with mixed reviews:

While troubleshooting occurred on the floor to correct the problems with the voting system, we did some data reporting on women’s representation in past, present, and future General Conference sessions.

Delegates were regaled with a screening of the short film, “What Might Have Been,” produced by the General Conference.

Immediately afterward, Elder Ted Wilson took to the stage to make an appeal.

During lunchtime, local businesses tried to take advantage of the influx of tourists in San Antonio.

Not everyone invested time into researching Adventist vegetarian practices…

After lunch, delegates convened again. Technical issues with the electronic voting devices continued.

Some questioned the accuracy of electronic voting.

There were also issues viewing the names of delegates displayed on the overhead screens.

At last, the nominating committee was revealed. Kind of.

After dinner, the evening session began with music.

And Elder Wilson gave the President's Report.

Despite some varying reviews of the day, many expressed their pleasure in seeing so many different cultures and peoples gathered together. 


Rachel Logan is a Intern, and a member of the General Conference reporting team in San Antonio, Texas.

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