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Tweeting the Meeting: Day Four’s #DramaInTheDome


Tweets are flying at the Alamodome in San Antonio as delegates, attendees, and media share insights about the proceedings. Here is a roundup of the best tweets about the #DramaInTheDome on Day 4.

What a day. From problems with the electronic voting devices to discussions of cohabitation, this day was full.

The morning started with praying in pairs.

The discussion got off the ground right away as delegates made motions to change wording in church policy. The discussions were long, particular, and, at times, controversial.

After awhile, it seemed the proceedings were hard to follow and tedious.

Throughout the meetings in the Dome, Spectrum Magazine staff were on-hand in the convention center to meet and speak with people who came by the Spectrum booth.

Meanwhile, #DramaInTheDome continued.

Those who have seen images of the delegate floor questioned why there were so many empty seats.

One Twitter user shared what they would say as a delegate, if given the chance.

The discussion moved to the electronic voting system, which the GC insisted had not worked properly since the General Conference Session began, despite the company's assurance that the problems are all due to user-error.

The delegates in possession of the electronic voting devices were then counted by division to ensure there was an accurate count on file. Music played as delegates were counted.

After the count, a prayer was given over the voting devices.

The votes were then cast by electronic device. However, the results showed that the discrepancy of missing votes was larger than the GC was willing to allow.

Delegates immediately began lining up to argue for secret ballot. Many Twitter users discussed whether they believed a secret ballot was important.

One delegate spoke her opinion on the subject:

The tension in the room elevated as the discussion continued. Meanwhile, Twitter had a running commentary of the day and upcoming events.

In the end, not much was decided, and it was moved to finish the conversation the following day.  Twitter conversation continued to move quickly as news broke.

Until tomorrow…


Rachel Logan is a Intern, and a member of the General Conference reporting team in San Antonio, Texas.

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