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Tweeting the Meeting: Day 6, the Real, Literal Edition


Tweets are flying at the Alamodome in San Antonio as delegates, attendees, and media share insights about the proceedings. Here is our Twitter roundup from Day 6:

Day six picked up where yesterday left off, with edits to the Fundamental Beliefs. One noticeable change from yesterday’s proceedings was the presence of Ella Simmons as chair of the meeting. Her presence was well-received by the Twitterverse.

Simmons had a knack for adding some sass into what could be viewed as a tedious session. She also took the time to explain some of the technicalities of how the General Conference’s version of Robert’s Rule of Order operates.

A large majority of the morning discussion revolved around the technicalities surrounding Fundamental Belief 6 (Creation).

Ted Wilson spoke a few words and explained his understanding of creation, which he believes took place over six literal days in the last six thousand years.

The amendment passed after Wilson expressed strong support for it.

Twitter provided real-time analysis for those outside…and inside the Dome.

Some noted the increasingly cold temperatures in the Alamodome.

At the lunch break, one tweeter rejoiced at the General Conference Session lunch option.

In the afternoon, the big topic of conversation was the lack of delegates attending the business session. The meeting was set to cover revisions to the Church Manual.

In the evening, the youth gathered for the IMPACT meetings that have been happening each night in the Marriot Ballroom. There were some distinct differences noted between the IMPACT meetings and the General Conference session happening at the Alamodome.

On Wednesday, July 8, the discussion turns to Women’s Ordination. Stay tuned for our next Twitter roundup covering the vote!


Rachel Logan is a Intern, and a member of the General Conference reporting team in San Antonio, Texas.

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