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Adventist Alert at, and The Review Gets into Video Sharing

In the six months since they launched their hub for Adventist media, the folks at The Haystack TV have uploaded a good little library of Adventist video, from informative to humorous to entertaining. The slant is definitely toward the college-age Adventist, with various campuses and their students represented.

If you haven’t already seen this oldie but goodie, featured in the humour  “cheese” section and made by the Florida Hospital Church (with more than 100,000 hits on YouTube), it will give you a laugh.

In other Adventist media news, the 165-year-old Adventist Review announced this week that it is joining the YouTube/HayStack/media hub bandwagon, and introducing a feature called The Screening Room, showcasing videos made by SDA filmmakers. The Review said it will work to build its library of devotional thoughts, documentaris, testimonies and more. To introduce the new video section on its website, The Review posted the video “Bestseller,” a self-narrated documentary on the life of Clifford Goldstein.

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