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  • 11/09/2006

    In the current Matt Taibbi article in Rolling Stone, "Ohio Burning," another brave Adventist pastor speaks up. Gianluca Bruno, a young Adventist pastor who recently moved to Mason, agrees. "Even...

  • 11/08/2006

    By Nathan Brown Independent Adventist evangelist Doug Batchelor is on the big screen at a cinema near you—or at least selected cinemas in capital cities around Australia—this month. He is among...

  • 11/07/2006

    Neil Young - Keep On Rockin' In The Free World "We got a thousand points of light For the homeless man We got a kinder, gentler, Machine gun hand We got department stores and toilet paper Got...

  • 11/06/2006

    By Alexander CarpenterReligion is responsibility, or it is nothing at all. - Jacques Derrida     The meaning of Adventism lies in potluck.     Now I’m no pro-potluck advocate. Let’s face it -...