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Love Is Enough — Video


Dr. Olive Hemmings, religion professor at Washington Adventist University, preaches on the topic of love:

"The Jesus story is not only the story of God. It is also the story of humanity. Religious tradition has marred that story and plunged the entire creation into a state of alienation. Christianity has often presented a one-sided and distorted story of the Christ event because it frees us from the responsibility to be perfect in love, as God is love. It frees us from the profound spiritual discipline that love requires and the radical, ethical demand it places upon us to be fully responsible selves within the community of being.

Christian dogma encourages us to short circuit the spiritual discipline through a cheap cop out we mistakenly call grace. And to put in its place all manner of unnecessary rules and traditions and policies that only serve to divide us while we wait to evacuate this world when we ourselves continue to contribute to the chaos in it.

What does it mean to love?”

Read Dr. Hemmings' sermon here.


WATCH Love Is Enough by Dr. Olive Hemmings, February 24, 2018, at Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church (sermon begins at 49:40):


Image Credit: Video still.

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