• 08/16/2006

    By Alexander CarpenterJames Dobson has gradually become more and more involved in Republican party politics. And now it's official. According to their communication folks and today's Washington...

  • 08/15/2006

    It's Spectrum's turn to host the Progressive Interfaith Blog Carnival. Here's what's hot.Pastor Dan at Street Prophets catches the hypocrisy of Pat Robertson, who's apparently not going to win...

  • 08/11/2006

    By Alexander Carpenter Jim Coffin, a Florida Adventist pastor, joined with his community faith leaders to push for peace. As they write in the Orlando Sentinel: Despite a rapid increase in...

  • 08/09/2006

    By Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson We're being inundated with images of destruction and death in the Middle East. And yet from a place of war, come also images of life. Art is an act of creation--the...