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Brenton Stacey

Avondale Study Helps Church, Ministers Find Work–life Balance

The work–life imbalance of Seventh-day Adventist ministers revealed by academics at Avondale has helped the church in Australia rethink professional development.

A paper by Warrick Long and Peter Williams of Avondale Business School informs the new Ministry Development Process, which encourages ministers to talk about, resource, and develop a plan for their ministry. “Should pastors be available all the time?” reveals the findings of a study—the first of its kind—of 78 local church ministers.

Michael Chamberlain Memorial: Time to Say Sorry to a Decent Man

The memorial service for an Avondale alumnus at the center of one of Australia’s most publicised legal cases may lead to a formal apology for wrongful conviction. Michael Chamberlain and then wife Lindy were charged—she with murder, he with being an accessory after the fact—and convicted after the disappearance of their nine-week-old daughter, Azaria, at Uluru on August 17, 1980. They were exonerated in 1988. Twenty-four years later, a fourth—and final—coroner’s inquest found the cause of death: Azaria had been attacked and taken by a dingo.

Evangelist’s Last Call: Remembering the Legacy of Dr. Graeme Bradford

A Seventh-day Adventist minister and “reluctant” academic dubbed the “thinking evangelist” by his family died May 8 after a four-year fight with melanoma.

Dr. Graeme Bradford grew up in the Melbourne suburb of Footscray. His mother wanted him to take up a trade, but Bradford began working in a bank. Then American evangelist Billy Graham came to town and the newly converted Bradford would come to the then Australasian Missionary College, from which he graduated in 1964.

Avondale Academic Launches "Grounds for Assurance and Hope" to Celebrate Bryan Ball's 80th Birthday

The launch of a new book by an Avondale scholar has reminded Seventh-day Adventists their beliefs are based in Scripture but shaped by history. The event, hosted by Avondale Academic Press, marked the 80th birthday of the book's author, Dr. Bryan Ball, and the publication of Grounds for Assurance and Hope. The book brought together Dr. Ball's biblical and historical writings compiled over many years of scholarship.

First Year Avondale Student Michael Key Dies in Traffic Accident

The Avondale College of Higher Education lost first-year student Michael Key Tuesday to a fatal traffic accident. The following was posted by Avondale College public relations officer Brenton Stacey on the college's website

Family and Colleagues Celebrate the Academic Legacy of Dr. Arthur Patrick

Avondale College of Higher Education has named a scholars’ center on the college campus in honor of the late Dr. Aruthr Patrick.

Perspective: Avondale Lecturer’s PhD Reveals Keys to Church Unity

Church unity is not about uniformity, but union with Christ; not about knowing, but practicing truth as found in Jesus, an Avondale College lecturer’s doctorate reveals. Dr. Wendy Jackson compared the views and practices of Restoration Movement leader Alexander Campbell and Seventh-day Adventist Church pioneer Ellen White to reach her conclusions about achieving unity.

While both Campbell and White believed unity begins in Christ, they understood the methodologies for maintaining unity differently.

Self-accrediting Authority for Avondale College Will Usher In New Era

Avondale College of Higher Education has become the first Australian non-university higher education provider granted self-accrediting authority by the country’s national regulator.

The classification from the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) means Avondale can self-accredit all of its higher education courses, including higher degrees by coursework and by research.

See you soon, Arthur: Celebrating the life of a scholar

Dr. Arthur Patrick “lived in constant fear of eulogy” but family and friends ignored this during a celebration of the life of the Avondale alumnus.

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