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Sydney Adventist Forum: “Remembering Mona Mona” Book Launch


Sydney Adventist Forum is co-presenting the launch of Dr. Brad Watson’s book Remembering Mona Mona: The Mission in the Rainforest this Saturday, October 2.

Mona Mona is a former Seventh-day Adventist Church institution for Indigenous Australians in the Cairns hinterland but also part of a government system that sought to regulate and control most aspects of the lives of Australia’s First Peoples in that era.

Based on interviews, historical records, and research, Remembering Mona Mona explores the diverse experiences of Mona Mona’s residents, as well as the intent and struggles of the missionaries, who were usually well-intentioned, chronically under-resourced, and very much a product of their times and beliefs.

Publication of Remembering Mona Mona is co-sponsored by the church’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ministries.

Presented by Signs Publishing, Avondale Academic Press, and Sydney Adventist Forum, the launch, on Zoom, is this Saturday, October 2, between 4 and 5 p.m. (Australian Eastern Daylight Time).

It will feature contributors Professor Daniel Reynaud and Lynnette Lounsbury, historian Dr. Thom Blake, and a panel discussion between Brad, Thom, and Lynelda Tippo, the former director of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ministries for the North New South Wales Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Dr. Howard Fisher will also present a collection of stamps illustrating the changing portrayal of indigenous Australians in popular culture.

To receive the Zoom link, register your interest in attending.

Signs Publishing and Sydney Adventist Forum are offering the book at a $10 discount for those attending the launch. Get your discount code during the launch.


Brenton Stacey is the public relations and philanthropy officer for Avondale University.

Image credit: Avondale University/Spectrum


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