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Dr. Delbert Baker Accepts Call to Adventist University of Africa

Dr. Delbert Baker, former president of Oakwood University and General Conference vice president, has accepted a call to serve as the next Vice Chancellor of the Adventist University of Africa. Dr. Baker replaces Brempong Owusu-Antwi, the current Vice Chancellor/President of the Nairobi, Kenya-based institution.

Baker lost his position as General Conference Vice President during the 2015 General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas when the number of vice presidents was reduced from nine to six. 

Loma Linda University Health Raises Its Minimum Wage to $13 an Hour

In a letter to employees, Loma Linda University Health President and CEO, Dr. Richard Hart, announced that the institution "is adopting a living wage to ensure that every employee, working at least 20 hours per week, that shares with us their skills and commitment receives a wage that will help support a family."

Pew Research Examines Adventist Beliefs, Adventist Office of Archives & Statistics Responds

First of all, we should get the pun out of the way at the outset: Isn't it wonderful that the organization providing polling data on Religion in America is called Pew?

How Will North American Division Human Sexuality Document Be Implemented?

During the 2014 North American Division (NAD) Year-end Meeting, a request was made that the division’s Executive Committee provide guidance on the topic of homosexuality. With an increasing number of North American states approving same-sex marriages at the time, many Adventists wanted clarity on the NAD’s stance.

Student Leaders Discuss the Direction of the Adventist Church in North America

I met for lunch Monday with the student presidents of the Adventist colleges and universities in the North American Division (NAD) that make up the Adventist Intercollegiate Association (AIA). They have been at the NAD Year-end Meeting as members of the division's Executive Committee, representing their school's student bodies. Throughout the meetings, they have been very engaged in the work of the Executive Committee, speaking from the floor, serving on sub-committees, offering prayers for the governing body, and taking the occasional selfie with division leaders.

BREAKING: Adventist Church in North America Approves Sexuality Document

SILVER SPRING - The Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America today approved a statement dealing with human sexuality that included sections on biblical principals, sexual orientation and practice, nature and nurture, church attendance and membership, employment, and participation in same-sex weddings. After many days of deliberations and several rounds of edits, the North American Division Executive Committee voted the statement with 74 voting in favor of approving the document and 17 in opposition. The vote came on the fifth day of business at the division's 2015 Year End Meeting.

Carson: Talk About my Faith, Not My Denomination; Also, Adventists Should Ordain Women

Dr. Ben Carson’s Seventh-day Adventist faith continues to be the source of scrutiny and media interest. Carson, however, has asked people to focus on his belief in God rather than his denomination. He has also told news outlets that his Seventh-day Adventist denomination made a mistake in not authorizing divisions to make provision for ordaining women in San Antonio.

President of Church in North America Preaches from Stories of Deborah and Ariadna

SILVER SPRING - North American Division Vice President Alvin Kibble provided words of greeting Sabbath morning at the North American Division Year-end Meeting. He called the day one of the high Sabbaths of the year. “There’s got to be something special when you’ve got the leaders of the Church worshiping with their families,” Kibble told the audience.

For the Record: North American Division Appoints 14 Leaders at 2015 Year-end Meeting

SILVER SPRING - The North American Division Year-end Meeting continued Friday morning with the first report from the Nominating Committee.

Unions caucused Thursday to appoint their representatives on the nominating committee. The following individuals made up the committee tasked with recommending names for approval by the voting body:

Atlantic Union
Donald King
G. Earl Knight
Linda Griffin (layperson)
Maria Barreto (layperson

Mark Johnson
Ron Francis (layperson)

In Letter to Associates, Mannatech Details Link to Ben Carson

During Wednesday's Republican debate hosted by CNBC, questions arose over GOP frontrunner Ben Carson's links to supplement maker Mannatech that has been embroiled in legal actions over claims of false advertising. Carson denied that he had a relationship with Mannatech, calling the suggestion, "total propaganda." Videos of Carson endorsing Mannatech products remained on the Mannatech website until very recently.

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