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Mt. Ellis Won $500K and All I Got Was This T-Shirt

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The young Sevy entrepreneurs at eighteenfortyfour.com are determined to turn Mt. Ellis Academy's remarkable coup in the Kohl's Cares contest into even more cash. The Internet t-shirt sellers have released a line of casualwear sporting the words "I Voted For Mt. Ellis."

Congratulations! Now What? Q & A with Mt. Ellis Academy's Principal


In September Mt. Ellis Academy in Bozeman, Montana won $500,000 in the Kohl's Cares contest on Facebook. After finally receiving the check, Mt. Ellis principal Darren Wilkins takes time to talk about the contest and the outlook for Adventist education.

ANN Comments on Chilean Miner Story

Adventists have been making news this week, most notably for involvement in the Chilean miner rescue story that captivated the world. We reported on a story from the Guardian in which Seventh-day Adventist pastor Carlos Parra Diaz purportedly claimed that his work with the miners was the "macro" work, while suggesting other clergy on the scene were doing less important work. The report suggested that pastor Parra Diaz also claimed partial responsibility for the miners' rescue by virtue of his having prayed for their safety.

Adventists Claim Credit for Chilean Miner Miracle


As dramatic rescue efforts continue in Chile, where thirty-three miners were trapped deep inside a San Jose mine for 69 days and counting, Adventists are vying for recognition as the ones responsible for the miracle.

La Sierra University Smashes Enrollment Record


La Sierra University announced on its website an all time enrollment record, shattering the previous mark. The release stated:

The Social Network: Etiological Myth Done Proper


Behind every foundation myth, there is a kernel of historical reality.

Glenn Beck and Doug Batchelor: Two Roads Converged

Saul Conversion.jpg

You might not have guessed that a Mormon and a Seventh-day Adventist could be so similar, but radio and television personality Glenn Beck and pastor-evangelist Doug Batchelor could almost have been twins separated at birth.

VICTORY! Mt. Ellis Academy Wins with 144,000 Votes


When the clock finally ran out Friday in the Kohl's Cares Facebook contest, Mt. Ellis Academy stood tenth on the leaderboard. The contest offering $500,000 to each of the top 20 schools now enters the judging phase during which the votes for the top 20 will be audited to legitimize the results. Official results will appear online some time near the end of September.

For now, the faculty at Mt. Ellis Academy and all those who promoted the school can celebrate a fairytale-like ending to a story with numerous twists.

Mt. Ellis on the Brink of Winning Big

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Mt. Ellis Academy in Bozeman Montana appears set to win $500,000 in the Kohl’s Cares for Kids $10M Giveback Contest on Facebook. The Seventh-day Adventist high school is currently in the top twenty of hundreds of 501(c)(3) schools vying for a slice of a $10 million total purse.

How Some Adventists Address the Creation Crisis


No question about it, we are experiencing a Creation crisis. It only takes paying a little attention to the media, only a little listening to conversations, to see that things are not well where Creation is concerned.

It is also clear that people conceive of the nature of the Creation Crisis differently.

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