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Sabbath Sermon: Fighting for Peace from the Middle of Controversy

Chris Oberg, the senior pastor of the La Sierra University Church in Riverside, California, speaks for the Sabbath worship service during the university's Peace Week.

A Peaceable Kin-dom

santa monica.jpg

The following poem was performed at La Sierra University Church’s Friday night worship service, First Service.

In Santa Monica where the sea slaps the sand
I met an old war vet with a sign in his hand
And it said
Power to the Peaceful
Power to the Peaceful

He said he served his country in the Vietnam War
He said he can’t support this country and its killing no more
And he said
Power to the Peaceful
Power to the Peaceful

I shook my head and said that most the people I know – will likely
Never put their boots on pick their guns up and go
He said

Pat Robertson Has Ally in Adventist Evangelist


Haiti sits atop a potentially lethal convergence of tectonic plates. The last few weeks have uncovered the horrifying potential of Haiti's Enriquillo-Plantain Garden fault. For televangelist Pat Robertson, that is irrelevant.

In video that went viral almost instantly, Robertson cited Haiti's alleged pact with the Devil as the reason the country "has been cursed by one thing after the other."

Loma Linda University's Ecology Weekend


The Loma Linda University Church made a statement about Creation Friday evening: Adventist Christians (and others) have a moral duty to care for it.

How Hollywood Depicts Race


Disney’s new animated film, The Princess and the Frog, has proved a modest success at the box office and a lightning rod in the blogosphere. The film, which portrays Disney’s first African-American heroine in the company’s eighty five-year history, has received heavy criticism for what many perceive as denigrating ethnic stereotypes. The Disney film is not alone in raising issues of race. Several of 2009’s top films deal with the topic directly or indirectly.

Top Ten Films for This Holiday Season

Top Ten.jpg

It's that time of year when two things happen: First, as one Facebook friend quipped, "We sit and look at a dead tree and eat snacks out of our socks." Second, this is the time of year for a total onslaught of many of the year's most anticipated films, hitting the big screen all at once.

With so many holiday-time films to choose from, and in the spirit of year-end, top-ten lists everywhere, we offer a list of the top ten holiday films to be sure to see before the clock strikes 2010. Most are in theaters now; a couple are available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Ellen White in a New Key - LLU (One of Two)

Numbers Graybill.jpg

By 2:30, the Damazo Auditorium at Loma Linda University's new Centennial Complex was nearly full. The packed house swarmed with church-goers from around Southern California who came to hear a distinguished panel of scholars present a discussion of the latest scholarship on Ellen G. White.

Ellen White in a New Key - LLU (Two of Two)


A group of ten scholars who participated in the Portland Maine working conference on Ellen Harmon White gathered at the Loma Linda University Centennial Complex Saturday to discuss current Ellen White scholarship.

Read part one of this report.

Following four-minute presentations from the ten panelists, moderator Jim Walters posed several questions for the presenters before opening the floor for audience questions.

Panel Questions

NEW! Spectrum Film Vlog :: 2012


Welcome to something new--the Spectrum film vlog. The film vlog is a conversational approach to film review and discussion conducted over Skype, a computer-to-computer video conferencing software application.

This week, Stephen Lloyd joins the Spectrum film vlog to discuss Roland Emmerich's new release, 2012, which is currently in theaters.

Please join us as we break down some of the film's themes and content.

Educate Truth Group To Force LSU Action


The Press-Enterprise reported this week that over 5,600 people have signed on to a petition affiliated with Educate Truth, the web site that has aligned itself against La Sierra University’s biology faculty. Shane Hilde, the creator of the website and petition, revealed on the website’s petition page that he intends to take printed copies of petition’s signatures and comments to La Sierra University’s meetings of the Board of Trustees, scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.

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