Jared Wright

Blindfolds and Michigan - A Poem


If the members of the Michigan Conference
Executive Committee
Could be blindfolded
And transported somehow,
Across time and space;
If they could land,
In the center of La Sierra University’s campus—
Hole Memorial Auditorium
On a Saturday evening in June:
Commencement Concert
Graduating students—
Sacred song and string—

Tears twice would overrun their eyes—
The first time as
As if on swallows’ wings
Wheeling on summer evening updrafts,
Rolling across the rafters
Pierced their uncovered ears

WWU Students Protest Internet Filtering Decision-Making Process

Protest Signs.jpg

Students at Walla Walla University endured cold rain to stage a protest over the school’s proposal to filter Internet sites on campus. Students set up tents and held vigil round the clock for seventy-two hours in front of the administration building despite unpleasant conditions.

Students want greater say in the decision to block some Internet content on campus, and have responded with public protest.

Walla Walla alumnus John Campbell says that the protests began to materialize when a student sent out the following email message to fellow students:

Pastor Passes Out While Preaching - Twice

The Collegedale Seventh-day Adventist Church on the campus of Southern Adventist University announced on its website that senior pastor John Nixon fainted on two separate occasions.

The announcement stated that Nixon passed out on April 24 and again on May 22 while preaching a sermon entitled "The Wrath of the Lamb."

A Heavy, Golden Silence


For theists, to believe in God is to believe in a God who actively participates in human history. God's involvement can be assumed.

NAD President Discusses Women's Ordination


Speaking to a Sabbath School class at the Calimesa Seventh-day Adventist Church in Southern California, North American Division president Don C. Schneider stated that he believes the church's policy on women's ordination will change, though it may not happen now.

Schneider, who has been receiving Loma Linda University Medical Center's proton therapy for a brain cyst that rendered him temporarily blind, agreed to attend Calimesa's Contemporary Issues class to answer questions.

British Union Conference President Affirms Women in Ministry


In a letter obtained by Spectrum dated 30 March 2010, British Union Conference president Don McFarlane wrote to the pastors and first elders of the conference to affirm women in ministry. The letter in its entirety follows.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Ministry

Re: Women in Ministry

Dorothee and Brad Cole on Batchelor's Sermon: It's Really About Inspiration


On their joint website, God's Character, Dorothee and Brad Cole have posted a response to Sacramento Central Adventist Church senior pastor, Doug Batchelor, who asserts that the Bible forbids women's ordination. The article's primary thesis is that the problem Batchelor makes is failing to understand the culturally-conditioned nature of biblical material.

From the article:

Documentary Follows Adventist Relief Work in Haiti


In the hours following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, health care professionals and Administrators from Loma Linda University Medical Center mobilized a carefully orchestrated relief effort. Teams of workers gathered medical supplies and basic necessities to send to the relief effort.

Doug Batchelor's 28 Fundamental Arguments Against Women Ministers


Pastor Doug Batchelor, speaker/director of Amazing Facts and senior pastor of the Sacramento Central Adventist Church says that women can minister (verb), but not be ministers (noun).

The Adventists: Watch Clips from the Documentary

The Adventists Cover.jpg

Martin Doblmeier's latest documentary, The Adventists, is scheduled to air on PBS in early April. Doblmeier has participated in screenings across North America in what he is jokingly calling his "haystack tour." Now, courtesy of YouTube user danatjourneyfilms, you can preview segments of The Adventists.

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