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  • Written By: Rich Hannon
    July 19, 2010

    Interpreting the Bible Can Be Difficult

    These days the word ‘interpret’ is a red flag to some people, who fear it is a license to distort the ‘plain reading’ of scripture down some slippery...
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  • Written By: Rich Hannon
    June 02, 2010

    Flipping the Argument

    Recently on this website there has been heated discussion regarding the Michigan Conference’s decision to deny tuition subsidy for its workers who...
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  • Written By: Rich Hannon
    June 14, 2009

    Reasoning Backwards

    The current intense discussions concerning La Sierra curriculum, evolution and Genesis have generated much passion and polarization mingled with some...
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  • Written By: Alexander Carpenter
    June 23, 2008

    John Cobb on Omnipotence, Faithfulness...

    I know that many Adventists - including David Larson and Trisha Famisaran - have had the opportunity to meet and work with theologian John Cobb, Jr....
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  • Written By: Johnny Ramirez-Johnson
    June 03, 2008

    Columna: Mi Abuela Me Enseño a Orar

    Read this column in English via Google. En esta mi primera columna en Café Hispano, Spectrum, la dedico a introducir aspectos de mi ser como creyente...
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  • Written By: Ronald Osborn
    June 08, 2007

    The cross and flush toilets?

    By Ronald Osborn In his Spectrum commentary on the Sabbath School Lesson for June 2-8, Robert Wieland writes that "The Lord wants the world to enjoy...
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