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Civil Disobedience against San Antonio?


An Adventist version of civil disobedience might now be the only way to challenge the convergence of three distinct groups who oppose the ordination of women. One group consists of those who are unconditionally opposed to it because they find it contrary to Scripture. A second group is made up of those who are conditionally opposed to it. They hold that, if its practice would not be so globally disruptive, they would have no objection. A third group is using opposition to the ordination of women as a wedge with which to split conservative and liberal Adventists to the advantage of the conservative ones. Some of these are now abandoning this issue because they believe that the LGBTQ controversies would be a more advantageous wedge. Any issue is fine for them so long as it successfully turns Adventists against each other.  

Openly violating the decision which was made at the General Conference session at San Antonio in 2015 and respectfully accepting the punishment for doing so in hopes of eventually achieving positive change might now be the only honorable alternative. This interview of Martin Luther King, Jr. explains civil disobedience in greater detail. I recommend it.

WATCH Martin Luther King, Jr. on Civil Disobedience:


Dr. David Larson is Professor of Religion at Loma Linda University.

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