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What I appreciate about Adventism

By Alexander Carpenter
All too often folks worry that independent Adventist media exists
only in the negative. I once sat next to a Union Conference
communication chief who responded to my question about what’s happening
in his territory with a curt: “well, I like good news.” Ouch. In fact,
most of us do, too – and that’s why we stick around, because we love our
church and realize that communities are only as good as the people who
create meaning within them.
This Thanksgiving season I’m especially thankful for those folks who read and write Adventist blogs. What
a thoughtful emerging community. Graduate students, great grandfathers,
pastors and laity all creating a space where old-media mavens like Cliff
Goldstein can tangle with perpetual students like perpetualstudent.
Welcome to new blogging standouts like Trisha over at Adventist Gender Justice and the anonymous historian of Hobbes’ Place.
There are plenty of things to improve about our faith, but here’s the
top three things I appreciate about Adventism. Feel free to share your
own top three in the comment section.
1. The Office of Legislative Affairs for the church which works hard to protect our separation of church and state.2. The Loma Linda University student dentists who tended my teeth as a kid.
– Show quoted text ->    production and the scientific method fashion truth.>> I’ll keep an eye out, if any of you feel like posting a top three “things> I’m thankful for in Adventism” before Wednesday morning, I’ll throw> together> a blog potluck on Adventists giving thanks.>> Yo,> Alexander>”,0]

//– 3. Andrews University profs who encourage thinking about how cultural production and the scientific method fashion truth.

On giving thanks, Courtney, over at One-in-Indy points out: “Here are some other facts to think about as we sit down to our
Thanksgiving meals, whether they be with the traditional turkey,
tofurky, or even better special K loaf.
1) Tomorrow over 1,000 people will be killed in Darfur.2) Tomorrow 16,000 children will die from hunger related causes.3) Tomorrow 13.9 million children in the United States will go hungry.

Also, reflecting on what it all means for the future, Ron writes: “Adventism is what we make it, Adventism can be a totalitarian
uncompromising religion or it can be a rational and pluralistic
religion. We have the power to mold Adventism.”
And Sherman Cox II over at Adventist Pulpit nails it. I’d love to hear a sermon on these points this Sabbath:
“I also am happy that the Adventist church speaks of God’s active
involvement in contemporary history. We usually call this the sanctuary
message and we usually limit it to either a going over the books, or a
cleansing of individuals. However, at the very least we can see from
this a recognition that God is seeking to build community and moving
history towards such a building. God is in control and God is active in
the world moving it forward.” Oh what, the Tabernacle gave the Jews community and direction. Hmmm.

Check out his list here
On this holiday celebrating a new assemblage, thank you community for creating a promising conversation. See you on the flip side.
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