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What are you missing in the current issue of Spectrum?

Spectrum Fall 2011, Vol. 39, No. 4


  • I Hear Adventism Singing by Bonnie Dwyer
  • Going Forward While Going Backward by Charles Scriven


  • Reports from the church’s Annual Council: Stories from Adventist News Network
  • Germany—A new mission field? by Lothar E. Trader


  • Falling Out of the Church Window by Kent Hansen

Changing Profiles in Adventism

  • Adventist Church: Membership Audits Planned, Revised Figures Contemplated from Adventist News Network
  • Adventist Churches—The View from the Road: Questions for Motorcyclist and Pastor Marvin Wray, an interview by Bonnie Dwyer
  • Who is the Average American Adventist? A Comparison of Two Demographic Profiles of Seventh-day Adventists by Ron Osborn

Ellen White

  • The Politics of the Prophetic Gift: a review by Douglas Morgan of The Prophet and the Presidents by Gil Valentine
  • Ellen White Re-Enactors by Midori Yoshimura

Music, Musicians, Musicals

  • CREDO by Herbert Blomstedt
  • What Adventists Can Learn From the Play The Book of Mormon by Ron Reece

Book Reviews

  • In Tune with God by Lilianne Doukhan: a review by Ken Parsons
  • A Leader Should Take You Forward: Ray Dabrowski reviews Where Are We Going? by Jan Paulsen
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