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Top Ten Reasons to Pony Up, People!

10. Let’s see…there’s the church/corporate press and there’s Spectrum, Adventism’s leading independent voice. (If you need to hear more, keep going.)

9. You love the church; you’re too smart to think all is well and too passionate to give up on change for the better.

8. You don’t stick your head in the sand; the Truth doesn’t scare you into self-deception.

7. You’re fed up with crypto-Romanism—the top-down, authoritarian perspective on church life.

6. You can’t get candor from church/corporate sources; you want whole-story, no-holds-barred reporting of the facts.

5. Official church theology is sagging under its own bloat; you’re hungry for what visionaries and iconoclasts have to say about true faithfulness.

4. You respect women and other vulnerable folk as much as you respect Adventism’s (mostly male) bureaucracy.

3. You think that doctrine serves practice, and that bickering over the fine points makes no sense except when it strengthens love.

2. You think Christian standards serve human flourishing, and that when they don’t, they’re not really Christian.

1. You’re tired of Adventist clichés; you want the Advent Movement!

—Chuck Scriven is president of Kettering College and chairs the Adventist Forum|Spectrum board. 

Pony up here. 

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