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Top 12 of 2012: Unions Approve Women’s Ordination


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One of Spectrum’s 2012 highlights was reporting on Adventist unions around the world as they voted on women’s ordination. Following an unexpected action by the Mid-America Union, unions such as the Columbia Union, Pacific Union and the Northern German Union voted to approve ordination without regard to gender. You may have turned to Spectrum’s coverage of these landmark actions in articles such as “Pacific Union Constituents Vote to Ordain Without Regard to Gender,” posted on the blog—the day of the event.

The journal’s archives reveal the many ways that Spectrum has featured women’s ordination. The Autumn 1975 issue includes articles such as “The Bible and the Ordination of Women: A Bibliographical Essay,” in one of the earliest Spectrum discussions about women’s role in ministry. In the same section, conservative theologian Gerhard Hasel shares a surprisingly liberal perspective, in “Equality from the Start: Woman in the Creation Story.”

With 2012’s unveiling of Spectrum’s archives at Andrews University Library, you now have access to conversations about women’s ordination and more. If you look through past issues, perspectives on women’s position in ministry may sound familiar. And if you’ve contributed to a conversation thread on Spectrum’s blog, it’s possible that you’ve made one of these arguments yourself. How did you first hear about Spectrum? Tell us in the comments section below, or call our office, write us an email, and let us know. We’d like to hear about what first made Spectrum meaningful for you, and say thank you for being the essential part of Spectrum. Bringing you Adventist news and analysis with integrity is why we exist.

Your support makes possible more news about women’s ordination, investigative journalism, and to-be-discovered insights in the new year. For contributing to your Spectrum community, you have our grateful thanks.


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