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Top 12 of 2012: Spotlighting Spectrum’s Spirituality Section


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In one of the most popular articles in Spectrum’s spirituality section, “’I Should Fight, Not With Beasts, But Against the Devil’”: The Passion of Perpetua,” Beverley Beem shares the story of a newly Christian noblewoman as she battles both a beast and the devil. Although Perpetua is wounded in a third-century arena by the former, and eventually martyred, she conquers the latter. Beem, a professor of English at Walla Walla University notes, “A strange victory it is to be victorious in death, but that is the way of this new kingdom. The devil is defeated.”

If you’ve read Spectrum over the years, visited the journal’s archives, or taken a class from Beem, you know she is one of Adventism’s finest writers on spirituality. Her articles such as “Pilgrims and Strangers: Adventist Spirituality, 1850-1863” (begins p. 67) and “‘What about Paul?’ Early Adventists and the Preaching of ‘the Marys’” (co-authored with Ginger Hanks Harwood, begins p. 25), provide a historical perspective on the beginnings of Adventist spirituality.

To search for more articles by Beem, here is a tip: after you’ve narrowed your search to Spectrum issues in the Andrews University Library’s periodical index, click on “Limit This Search” in the upper left corner of the page (click here to be taken directly to this section). In the next page that loads onto your browser, select “Words in the article AUTHOR” in the dropdown menu in the upper left of the page, then type “Beem” in the empty box to the right. You’ll be taken to a page that links to all of Beem’s articles in Spectrum. Note that Spectrum’s archives are still being updated, so some articles may not be entirely keyworded yet.

What articles from Spectrum’s Spirituality section have been meaningful for you? Share your answers and comments in the section below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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