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Three Angles News—Sabbath, Dec. 1, 2012

1. Upper Columbia Conference president Elder Bob Folkenberg, Jr., has accepted a call to serve as President of the Chinese Union Mission. 

2. James Standish, editor of Record writes: “when the time comes and my girls ask about what to do with their lives, I see a world of opportunities. Engineer, academic, doctor, vet, artist, business owner, writer, pharmacist, president of the United States or prime minister of Australia, teacher, pilot, gardener—anything God calls them to pursue. Anything, other than leading a conference in their own Church. For the time being, that door is firmly shut. And I think our church community is much poorer for it. Don’t you?”

3. Jose Vicente Rojas will be leaving the North American Division (NAD) on December 31 to assume a new role. He will launch a new ministry titled, “MOVEmentum.” 

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