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Three Angles News + Bonus – October 26, 2013

1. Shortly after they were married two years ago, Yessenia Suarez and Luis Toledo were baptized together at the Deltona Spanish SDA Church in Deltona, Florida. Now Toledo is locked in jail while authorities search for the bodies of Suarez and her nine-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son.

2. Ghana President John Dramani Mahama has praised the Seventh-day Adventist Church and ADRA for their activities supporting improvements in the lives of the people of Ghana.

3. A Seventh-day Adventist couple in the UK who maintain bees and sell honey have been granted the right to avoid using computers when they submit government forms, in what could be a landmark case.  The Blackburns – who refuse to have a computer, television or mobile phone, which they believe to be “idols” – regard the mass media as a form of “worldliness” and contrary to the path of salvation.

4. After an eight-year wait, members of the Borrowdale SDA church in Zimbabwe have been given permission to build a church on their property near the home of President Robert Mugabe’s family. Members had been denied the right to build because Mugabe’s security team cited security concerns. The church, when built, will be one of the few buildings near the Mugabe home.

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