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Sabbath Sermon: Always More Light

Our sermon for this Sabbath comes from La Sierra University Church senior pastor Chris Oberg. The sermon is part of a series at the University Church entitled “Journey On: Authentic Adventist Christianity.”

Chris opens with a conversation with Natalyn Rodriguez, who was baptized earlier in the service.

Starting at 4:00 in the video, Natalyn reads John 16:12-13, the scriptural passage upon which the sermon is based.

Chris takes time to explore the theological wanderings of the early Adventist community as they charted their spiritual course in the wake of the Great Disappointment.

She converses with Dr. Fritz Guy (starting at 18:00) about Adventist attitudes toward the idea of truth–particularly, they address Ellen White’s commitments concerning truth and her statements on conservatism.

Always More Light from La Sierra University Church on Vimeo.

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