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Religious Liberty.TV: Celebrating Freedom of Conscience

As several Adventist religious liberty leaders continue to parrot the Religious Right on matters of personal freedom and church/state issues, increasing numbers of legal professionals and religious liberty advocates are turning to Religious Liberty.TV. In addition to its pioneering use of new media, Religious Liberty.TV combines the traditional Adventist view on church and state with a commitment to exploring how Christians are actually making a prophetic difference in the world.

This week ReligiousLiberty.TV launched a video campaign to promote its growing series of podcasts about current topics related to the intersection of religion and politics. The 35-second video, which features clips from recent guests author Eric Kreye (Under the Blood Banner), Pastor Ryan Bell, and attorney and theologian Jason Hines is now available on Vimeo and YouTube, and the MP3 audio files are available for download and iTunes.

The ReligiousLiberty.TV Podcast series features 8-10 minute interviews conducted by ReligiousLiberty.TV editor Michael Peabody on a wide range of topics, from Monte Sahlin’s reflections on the earthquake in Haiti to journalist and educator Martin Surridge’s commentary on who is winning the War on Terror. Eric Kreye talks about growing up in Nazi Germany. Jason Hines talks about the marriage debate. Past guests have also included attorney Karen Scott and author and blogger Scott Ritsema.

“The goal is to make current topics entertaining and accessible,” says Peabody. “So many times people get this idea that religious liberty is only about the future. In reality, it’s about what is happening right now in our own neighborhoods and around the world.”

Since going live on June 1, 2008, the ReligiousLiberty.TV website, featuring an advisory panel of respected experts in law, theology, and history, has become recognized as a leading voice in “celebrating liberty of conscience.” Other recent advances include the emphasis on the ReligiousLiberty.TV Facebook group.

“Lots of times you’ll find something on Facebook that’s not going to be on the website – that’s intentional,” Peabody says.

Anytime an issue comes up in religious liberty, we try to make sure that it will either be on the website or on our Facebook group. And if we don’t post it, our members can. Our goal is to build a community of people who are actively thinking about these issues from a wide range of perspectives.

Another popular feature of ReligiousLiberty.TV is its newsletter which often includes “email exclusive” information about topics that are too “hot” to post online. A few months ago, a legal/strategic analysis of the marriage debate received wide “underground” circulation throughout the Adventist church.

“As Seventh-day Adventists, we have a lot to be proud of when it comes to promoting religious liberty,” says Peabody. “We were a major voice for liberty at the turn of the 20th century, and that is a calling that we can never leave behind or marginalize. Even though we are structurally independent, ReligiousLiberty.TV is proud to be a part of this great tradition.”

For more information or to suggest stories or podcast guests, visit ReligiousLiberty.TV

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