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Publishing Houses End Merger Talks


The taskforce studying a possible consolidation of the Pacific Press and Review and Herald Publishing Associations has been asked to cease its work, the General Conference and North American Division announced today. The official statement cited “differing perspectives” on statements by Ellen G. White regarding the two publishing houses; it said they would continue to operate separately, but that they had been asked to “try to find ways to realize economies through closer cooperation.”

The full statement released today said:

On June 19, 2013 the General Conference and North American Division administrations forwarded to the boards of Pacific Press Publishing Association and Review and Herald Publishing Association a request for the two organizations to consider a merger in the near future.  A taskforce was formed to study the matter and prepare recommendations to go to the two boards and to their constituencies.

The taskforce has been diligently meeting, earnestly praying and carefully studying the matter. While there are differing perspectives as to the interpretation of the specific Spirit of Prophecy statements regarding the Review and Herald Publishing Association and Pacific Press Publishing Association in this current setting, all support the importance of the Spirit of Prophecy and the need for a strong publishing ministries involvement in evangelistic outreach. However, the differing perspectives on Spirit of Prophecy statements merits further reflection and the nature of a restructured relationship in whatever future format that may develop requires deeper analysis and modeling. It is felt in the best interest of the publishing work of the church at this time for there to be no change to the governance of the two institutions.  Because of this the General Conference and North American Division  administrations have requested that the two publishing houses continue to operate under their current structures but that they try to find ways to realize economies through closer cooperation and possible shared services.  The taskforce will not continue but the General Conference and North American Division administrations will work closely in conjunction with the publishing house boards and administrations in a cooperative way to facilitate the closest working relationship possible for the accomplishment of the evangelistic, witnessing and nurturing objectives of local churches and members in the North American Division and the world field. The publishing houses are also encouraged to work very closely with and respond to the North American Division’s mission-driven publishing needs and cooperate in developing more division-oriented and efficient delivery and distribution systems.

The Church cherishes the Spirit of Prophecy counsel indicating that the publishing ministries are a vital part of the fourth angel’s message of Revelation 18 until the end of time. Let us work together for a continually expanding emphasis and use of the Church’s print and digital evangelistic and witnessing materials by church members, local churches, church organizations and all of us. Please pray for the public sharing and personal use  of printed and electronic materials as we lift up Christ, proclaim His three angels messages of Revelation 14 and announce His soon second coming.

Read the announcement of the merger talks here and an analysis of the possible consolidation by Tompaul Wheeler here.

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