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Prayer for a Friday Night


Last Friday evening, Adventist Forum Conference co-chair Brenton Reading offered this beautiful prayer at the evening meeting. We hope that it brings you a blessing this Friday, wherever you are.

Creator God,

We have divided your world along the lines of ideology, race, economics, and even religion.

Too often the light of love for you and for one another is eclipsed by hostility.

Forgive us.

We are tempted to believe we have a monopoly on truth.

Humble us.

But then, we give up our unique identity in order to not offend our multicultural world.

Strengthen us.

We thank you for what we know of you.

And we thank you too for all that we will never fully know.  For that gift of luminous unknowing is the greatest gift of all which keeps us ever moving toward you with an ongoing hope in your past, present and soon to be future coming.

Let us draw circles of inclusion through doing justice, express authenticity in loving others, and walk humbly together with you our God.


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