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Open Thread

Salutations all.

Just wanted to give anyone who wants to chance to share whatever they want below.

You doing anything fun this summer (or winter)?

You and the family going on any interesting vacations or are you doing more of a staycation this year?

You reading something interesting we should check out?

Have a request for a post topic?

Want to complain about the bug that attacked our site and kept everyone, including Spectrum from logging in yesterday?

Suggestions for general Spectrum improvements welcome too.

Extra welcome is a virgin comment from anyone who has been lurking for awhile! Here at Spectrum we’re always extra excited to see a new name in the comments role, so blow us away what’s going on in your life and from what far-flung part of the country you hail.

We’re at 9509 comments since late Nov. and 92,212 absolute unique visitors so we’ve got some ideas for some fun things to celebrate hitting decimal milestones soon. Stay tuned. We really appreciate all our readers! Thanks for making this such an interesting site.

Extra thanks to everyone who has been using the new SUPPORT SPECTRUM option and those who have mailed in checks or the folks giving through our FACEBOOK cause. If you’ve got an account, come join the fun. We’ve got 197 Facebook members already, help us get to 200.

comic credit: andy hanson

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