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One of the most successful Adventist ministers in New York was a woman

It is striking to reflect on the recent events at the General Conference. One of the big news items to come from the Annual Council meeting is the new “mission to the cities,” starting with Ted Wilson’s return to evangelize New York. And the second was the same man using his chairmanship of a meeting to speak from the floor first in an effort to limit the ministry of women. Perhaps our church president needs to read the research of his own organization.

Lulu Wightman was the most successful minister in New York state for over a decade. Her ministry began when she was licensed as a minister in 1897 and continued even after she left New York state to engage in religious liberty work in Kansas and Missouri in 1908. The results from Mrs Wightman’s ministry ranks her not only as the most outstanding evangelist in New York during her time, but among the most successful within the SDA church for any time period. As a licensed minister, Mrs Wightman pioneered work that established companies or churches in a number of places in New York where Adventism had never gained a foothold before.

Lulu Wightman was a licensed minister 1897 to 1907, 1909 to 1910. Ordained in 1908.

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