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Nicholas Miller Edits Andrews University Homosexuality Book


Nicholas Miller, Associate Professor of Church History at Andrews University, is the lead editor of a newly-released book entitled “Homosexuality, Marriage, and the Church: Biblical, Counseling, and Religious Liberty Issues.” The nearly 600-page book, released by Andrews University Press, features papers and testimonials first presented at the 2009 Andrews University Conference on Marriage, Homosexuality and the Church.

According to a report by the Adventist News Network, there are at least two societal issues Miller hopes the book will address. First is a ballot initiative in Maryland that seeks to overturn that state’s recognition of same-gender marriage. Second, according to ANN,

Some in the church are trying to reshape attitudes on homosexuality as well. Recently, some Adventists have promoted a documentary film affirming the gay lifestyle among Adventists, Miller said.

The film in question is the documentary Seventh-Gay Adventists by Daneen Akers and Stephen Eyer. The film has been playing for audiences around North America and was recently part of a flap at the North American Division Teacher’s Convention when church administrators sought to prevent teachers from attending a screening coinciding with the Nashville convention.

The ANN report indicates that Andrews University plans to address the issue of homosexuality again this Fall, with Miller again standing center stage.

In addition to his teaching responsibility as associate professor of church history at Andrews, Miller is also director of the university’s International Religious Liberty Institute. The institute is sponsoring an October 6 forum on the political, religious and social issues surrounding same-sex marriage. The event will be held at the Spencerville Seventh-day Adventist Church in Spencerville, Maryland.

Roy E. Gane and H. Peter Swanson, professors in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews, provided editorial assistance.

Read the complete ANN article here.




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