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Newbold College in Sudden Leadership Transition

Jane Sabes, principal of Newbold College, tendered her resignation to the College’s Board of Governors on Sunday, Nov. 14.
“No gains in enrollment for this new academic year, budgetary overruns and now a crisis of confidence in the Principal,” she stated. “I feel these factors make it necessary to tender my resignation, effective Dec. 31.”
She explained that the short notice of her resignation was because of the difficult choices that must be made in January before taking effect at the end of the year, such as what staff reconfigurations and reductions are necessary.
“We are admittedly top-heavy when it comes to Administration and I will be first to step aside, making it possible for a leaner staffing structure to come about,” she said. She also expressed the wish that this action would be a step in moving Newbold forward in a radically new direction, with a radically new mind-set.
The Board of Governors will convene a search process to find a replacement for Dr. Sabes.

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