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A new justice in town for Sabbath

On Saturday:
I sit in my Sabbath school class in my NYC church. I raise the issue of justice and the responsibility of individuals in pursuing justice (having seen a documentary on the Nuremberg trials a few days ago). The man next to me (a visitor from Botswana as I know from last week) says that he just attended a meeting at the UN on international justice. I ask whether he was involved in the Assembly of States Parties to the International Criminal Court. He responds that he was just elected to be one of the judges to the ICC. I am ready to shout in excitement, tell the class that this is history in the making, that we are sitting next to one of 18 judges of the ICC. An Adventist working to end impunity at the international level!
Daniel David Ntanda Nsereko turns out to be an expert in criminal law, international human rights law, international humanitarian law. He has worked as a law professor in Botswana, has published widely; observed trials for Amnesty International; and much more. The ICC is the first permanent international criminal court to try individuals for war crimes and crimes against humanity and genocide. Brother Nsereko did not want to address our congregation, he is too modest and reserved, but he asked for our prayers. And so I pass on these exciting news and his request.
Here is the December 3 United Nations report on Daniel David Ntanda Nsereko’s election.
A round of voting:
Graciela Dixon ( Panama):21
Daniel David Ntanda Nsereko ( Uganda):60
Jean Angela Permanand ( Trinidad and Tobago):21
Run off:
Graciela Dixon ( Panama): 28
Daniel David Ntanda Nsereko ( Uganda): 74
Mr. Nsereko will serve on the International Criminal Court until 10 March 2012.

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