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New book out. . .Christianity and Homosexuality: Some Seventh-day Adventist Perspectives

A message from Taylor Ruhl, President of SDA Kinship, International:

I am excited to announce our landmark new book, Christianity and Homosexuality: Some Seventh-day Adventist Perspectives! The book is edited by David Ferguson, Fritz Guy and David Larson.

In 2001 the Kinship Board established the Kinship Advisory Board, a group of straight Adventist leaders, to advise us and help us. This book is an outstanding result of the work of the Advisory Board.

My thanks to the Adventist Forum for partnering with Kinship on the publication of this book. Special thanks, also, to Dave Ferguson, Dr. David Larson of Loma Linda University, Bronwen Larson, Dr. Fritz Guy of La Sierra University, the authors and responders, and proofreaders.

This book is already receiving outstanding notice by thought leaders:

Tony and Peggy Campolo, Authors and Lecturers

For Christians of all denominations who struggle to understand those children of God who happen not to be straight, this book will be of great help. Its survey of the history and theologies that have impacted Adventism, the insights of medical practitioners and social workers, and the true stories of real families will broaden the perspectives of even those who disagree with some of its conclusions.

Dr. Louis Venden

In the sharing of their life’s story our fellow pilgrims give us a wondrous gift. They open the way for understanding, caring, and fellowship on our journey. This book is just such a gift. The impact for me was not so much information as it was the gift of life.

Harry Knox, Director, Religion and Faith Program, Human Rights Campaign Foundation

I learned so much from Christianity and Homosexuality: Some Seventh-day Adventist Perspectives! It is wonderful to have a resource to recommend to my Seventh-day Adventist friends that is so closely tied to Adventism’s rich heritage, traditions, and unique witness. It has challenged and deepened my own understandings of the Gospel and homosexuality and will do so for Christians from other traditions.

Dr. Charles Scriven, President, Association of Adventist Forums

Welcoming a reviled and beleaguered community is never automatic or easy. But the church at its best has learned from the widening embrace of Hebrew prophecy and from the Lord Jesus Christ, in whom that embrace came to fullest fulfillment. This book may lead readers to still another possibility of welcome and embrace. It is past time to consider it.

We are now ready to take pre-publication orders (books shipped in Feb.) at a special discount. Please read more about this at

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