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New Anti-Women’s Ordination Site Appears is a new web site featuring Doug Batchelor and arguments against women’s ordination, which it defends as the “historical Christian position.”

According its registration records WomenMinistryTruth was started on April 7, which is the day that both Spectrum and ANN reported on the Spring Meeting statement by President Paulsen vetoing a women’s ordination vote during the 2010 GC Session.

The site states about itself that it, “assembles some of the best scholarship and media on this subject from a Seventh-day Adventist perspective.”

Thus far, it sprinkles text and texts together with a FAQ and an old Adventists Affirm piece by C. Mervyn Maxwell. It does not seem to actually be replying to recent publications of historical and Biblical support for women’s ordination by seminary scholars like Richard Davidson and Denis Fortin. Nor does it address the Biblical and logic arguments made by the Southeastern California Conference.

The Articles and Documents section includes four pieces “on Biblical male headship theology” by Samuel Koranteng-Pipim which were also previously published in Adventists Affirm. The section includes P. Gerard Damsteegt’s 1995 presentation opposing the NAD’s Ordination Request. Of note there is a letter “responding” to the SECC, from a Central California Conference pastor, Steve Bohr, who points out that he is also the “Speaker/Director of Secrets Unsealed” which is a 3ABN show. He calls the classic collection of Andrews University Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary perspectives, Women in Ministry, “the most lopsided presentation in favor of women’s ordination that has ever been published in the church.”

The website also rotates advertisements for the Amazing Facts’s College of Evangelism and its newest institution, Weimar College, as well as offers a free book with sign up. It explains God’s Role for Women in Ministry.

What does the Bible have to say about a woman’s role in ministry? Pastor Doug Batchelor discusses the when men fail to lead, God’s equal love for men and women, and many more topics (sic).

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