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MMMM – Why Snippets Count for More in March

Like a giant collage, Spectrum (especially the website) is composed of a myriad of gloriously diverse pieces. Many of these are small pieces, just snippets of peoples’ thoughts or work—but many of these snippets are full of eloquence and wisdom. And together the small pieces add up to a very rich whole.

The Spectrum editors love seeing these pieces arrive. Including dollar bills. Yes, the greenbacks speak with a different kind of eloquence, but one we’ve learned to highly value; each one says “Let me be a part of the collage!” and, in a way, pays for one more of the pieces that we actually see on the site or in the magazine.

This month, we’re celebrating monetary snippets. Sure, we love it when financial “big pieces” come in, but Spectrum is all about celebrating everything that people have to contribute, whether short thoughts or long ones, small checks or large ones.

The snippets have extra punch this month, too. A donor put up $1000 that will be given to Spectrum only to the extent that it is matched by other donors, who are asked to give small amounts each, up to $50. You can give more but only the first $50 will be matched.

Thanks for the snippets of thought, word, idea, vision—and dollar.

- Lainey S. Cronk
Spectrum Website Book Reviews Editor

[Editor’s Note: as of 3/19/09 we still have $655 available to be matched. This will disappear at the end of the month without your support.]

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