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Marriage and Homosexuality Conference: Good Questions Glossed Over

Throughout the Andrews University Conference on Marriage and Homosexuality, open Q&A sessions have allowed attendees to put their questions to distinguished panels of scholars, pastors, and lay persons alike.
As is always the case, some questions receive more substantive responses than do others. At times, panelists all but ignored important questions from the floor.
Here are three good questions that received poor responses–questions that would be worth considering in greater depth than that afforded to them during the conference.

  1. Could two men live together with strong emotional bonds… more than friendship without physical intimacy. Are we boiling it down to just sex?”
  2. We talk about homosexuality as no greater or worse than another sin. So why does it take homosexuals so long to admit their homosexuality? Why do people who are homosexual commit suicide when people who are jealous, greedy, gossipers and other sins not commit suicide?
  3. The church provides two solutions to LGBT Adventists: Attempt change, hopefully in a supportive environment leading to possibility of marriage, or choose life of chastity alone if change doesn’t work. There is a challenge with those two alternatives: The first, those who attempt change and end up in a relationship can end up damaging wife if they return to homosexuality. That is exploitation of the woman. Chastity says you must live without a partner, without love. How does love play out biblically in light of those two “solutions?”

While pondering those queries from the laity, have a look at some of the photos that are coming in from the Andrews conference on the Spectrum Flickr page.

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