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I’m a social justice Christian

A few weeks ago Glenn Beck told his Fox News listeners to leave any church that speaks of social justice or has the words “social justice” on its website. He went on to say that “social justice” was code for Nazism and Communism. He later modified his statements, basically saying that social justice was code for “big government.”

Since that time, tens of thousands of Christians have responded by “turning themselves in” as social justice Christians.

Shortly after this news broke it occured to me this was a cultural moment to engage in a conversation about what social justice means from a Christian perspective. So I pitched an idea to some filmmakers in my church.

Today we are very excited to release our response – the first of several Public Service Announcements entitled “I’m a social justice Christian.”

Within two hours Brian McLaren had posted a video response, which you can also see below.

For more information about this Public Service Announcement campaign and to join your voice to thousands of others, please visit our new website, This PSA is produced by New Name Pictures, in partnership with Traveling Muse.

Brian McLaren responds:

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