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Help Shape the Future of Spectrum Commenting

One of the most fun and painful features of this site is the commenting. Some people love it; some hate it. That includes each member of the web team on various days. While it can get wild in the comments, we’ve have intentionally erred on the side of openness, trusting the Spectrum community to police itself. In the five years of the Spectrum blog, we’ve still had to kick about six people permanently off for violating our commenting guidelines.

In the near future, we will be adopting some new commenting technologies, which we’ll explain in coming posts. Yesterday in our web team conference call we were talking about how this would be a good opportunity to revisit our commenting guidelines. But in keeping with out commitment to creating community through conversation, we thought that instead of it being handed down by us, we’d include all of you who comment here. After all, we need more experimental crowdsourcing in Adventism. 

So, in your comments below feel free to write anything (draft sentences, principles, examples from other sites) that you’d like included in the next edition of the Spectrum commenting guidelines. This is your chance to shape the future of the Spectrum community.

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