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The Future of Spectrum Commenting


We ran a survey last week to get your thoughts on our commenting system. We know it’s gone through a few changes in the past months. These changes have been in an attempt to make the system work better for everyone. We admit, we were hoping it would work out better than it has.
Over 1300 of our readers responded to our survey, and about 45% voted that they would prefer to return to a single-thread discussion format.
24% of you like the way the comments work now, with the multiple threads.
14% of you would prefer that we have fewer threads.
Finally, 17% of you would prefer that we switch to a format that reflect more of an online forum.
In light of these results, as well as a lot of individual feedback we’ve received, we’ve decided to revert back to a single-thread, paginated comments section. The system will still be run on DISQUS, so the way to login to the comments as well as your comment history will be maintained.
We aren’t done working on our commenting system, but we certainly want provide our readers with the best possible commenting experience, thus our decision to move toward what the largest portion of our readership would like.
Thank you for your support!

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