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Film Club Selection: The Power of Forgiveness

Just a reminder that this month’s film club pick is The Power of Forgiveness, a documentary from the producers of Bonhoeffer. Here’s a short summary:

The Power of Forgiveness explores recent research into the psychological and physical effects of forgiveness on individuals and within relationships under a wide variety of conditions and translates it into a popular, accessible documentary film for national public television. This includes feature stories on the Amish, the 9/11 tragedy and peace-building in Northern Ireland, along with interviews with renowned Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, best-selling authors Thomas Moore and Marianne Williamson and others. The film also explores the role forgiveness holds in various faiths traditions. It provides an honest look at the intensity of anger and grief that human nature is heir to. We see in the film that there are transgressions people find themselves unwilling or unable to forgive. Through character-driven stories the film shows the role forgiveness can play in alleviating anger and grief and the physical, mental and spiritual benefits that come with it.

You can buy The Power of Forgiveness through our Amazon affiliate account and support Spectrum with your purchase.

The discussion, led by Shasta Nelson and yours truly, starts May 8th! (The book discussion on Yancy’s Prayer starts May 1st)

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