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Emboldened by Screenings of “The Interview,” Rogue GC Faction Releases The Record Keeper


Fresh out of a Friday afternoon screening of “The Interview” at Baltimore’s East Point Movies 10, a small flock of General Conference officials decided that if small, independently owned movie theaters could stand up to the ire of the North Korean nuclear-powered propaganda machine, they could “dare to be Daniels” and “let their little light shine.”

Burning rubber back to Silver Spring, the energized officials took advantage of ultra-strict Friday half-day hours at the Biblical Research Institute (BRI) to sneak into the offices and extract the only remaining copy “The Record Keeper” to which any of them could gain access.

“I’m not sure if it was some of the CIA training that Seth Rogen and James Franco received in ‘The Interview’ that rubbed off on us, but the BRI extraction operation goes down as the most exciting thing any of us has done since college,” confided a wild-eyed member of the team.

Another rogue official added that, just as with The Interview, the extreme measures taken to prevent distribution of “The Record Keeper” had functioned as brilliant marketing for the steampunk interpretation of “The Great Controversy.” 

“We are already at the point where the discussion has transcended subject matter and is focused on the real issue of unreasonable censorship.  It is time to take a stand.”

“We decided that yet another leak to YouTube was not the way to go and that a cinematic release would likely be too ambitious a route so we opted for a free viewing format at,” said the most technically-minded of the GC Directors.  “We aren’t too worried about our jobs,” he added.  “Most of us were already on the way out already come this summer’s San Antonio festivities.  Maybe this way we can pick up work in guerrilla film distribution.”


Sevvy is a writer at the anonymously-authored humor and satire blog

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