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Eight Hundred Southern Adventist Students Volunteer

Chattanooga News Channel Nine reports:
Most schools in our viewing area had the day off Monday to honor Doctor Martin Luther King Junior.But that doesn’t mean every student actually took the day off. More than 800 students from Southern Adventist University say while their dorm mates slept in — they got up early to volunteer.
Local leaders say they can see these students desire to help others in their eyes . Hamilton County Commissioner Bill Hullander and Southern Adventist University feel there is no better day to step up and help than Martin Luther King Day.
“I’ve lived here all my life and I really enjoy Chattanooga and it’s a great place to keep your family going and you have go to help out our community to keep that alive,” said Jennica Melendez a Freshman at SAU.
We saw about 50 students at the Good Samaritan Center in Ooltewah helping separate and clean toys that will be sold to low income families. Commissioner Hullander says these young people are setting a great example for the rest of the community.
“The older we get we understand how important it is to give back to the community. It amazes me that these students at their age are willing to do it now,” said Hullander.
An organizer from Southern Adventist University says this is the 15th year for the volunteer program, there are more than 800 students are 70 sites around the Tennessee Valley today. We spoke to some who went in Monday to help on a day they could have taken off.
“Why be someone who sits at home on days off or every other day of the week and only work within your family or friends. It’s nice to be a part of something bigger,” said Sara Schaetza, a Junior at SAU.
Many leader across the country are volunteering today as part of the annual Martin Luther King day of service. Researchers say more than 12,100 service projects are taking place across the country. That’s more than double last year’s number. Some say the increase comes after President Elect Obama urged Americans to volunteer.
USA Today found a total of one million people are expected to make today a day on, not a day off . And the Bureau of Labor Statistics says volunteering is the highest it’s been in the last 30 years.

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