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Dan Jackson Letter to NADCOM on Women in Ministry

To say that we are perplexed regarding the outcome of the actions taken over the past three years would be a huge understatement. However, rather than throwing our hands up in despair we need to see what can be learned from this experience.


Having said all of this I believe that the clear commitment of the members of the NADCOM to strengthen the role of women in ministry within the North American Division has not changed. It is of vital importance that we affirm the women clergy presently serving in our Division, that we encourage women who may be called to gospel ministry in the future and that we enhance the understanding and unity of our membership regarding the role of women in the church.


We see this as a very significant matter that needs to be dealt with. In saying this, we need to view it in the light of the biblical and Spirit of Prophecy concepts of justice, equity, morality and the calling of God to individuals of both genders. As we move this matter forward and begin to consider new approaches there are lessons for us all to learn from this experience both in terms of history and in terms of presentation.

E-60 Update Letter Dan Jackson

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