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‘Christianity Today’ Publishes Exclusive Interview with Angus Jones


On Tuesday, Christianity Today released an October “exclusive” interview with the most famous Adventist currently in the news. “Angus Turner Jones, the ‘half’ of the CBS hit comedy Two and a Half Men, has sent shock waves through the entertainment world this week by denouncing his own show as “filth” and urging viewers to stop watching. Since age 10, Jones has played the character Jake Harper for nine seasons, eight of those as Hollywood’s highest-paid child actor, making roughly $8 million annually. His declaration was spurred in part by his newfound faith in God, a faith he says is at odds with the themes of the show, the third highest-ranked TV comedy. Jones graduated from high school in June and plans to attend college in Colorado next fall. I sat down with him in October to discuss his conversion to Seventh-Day Adventism and what it means for his acting career and his future.

Tell me about your involvement in the Pacoima Valley Crossroads Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

Right now I am taking an evangelism class, learning how to give Bible studies, how to teach and do small groups, how to witness door-to-door. Once that work is finished, I am going to be an intern there.

How did you end up attending an African American church?

I was going to three of four churches on the weekends looking for a congregation to join. A friend of a friend had gone to the church a few times and told me about it. The first time I went there, the message was tailor-made for me.


What resonated with you there?

The spirit of the people: they are so loving, so accepting. It’s powerful.

How did they react to you as a celebrity?

It’s still a slow change. The pastor says he remembers seeing me there the first time and thinking, What’s this white boy doing here? It’s as much a learning experience for them as it is for me. I am completely comfortable in my own skin. I don’t care what anyone thinks about me. I am there for the Word. I am not there to impress anyone.


What do you see yourself doing in five years?

I want to do something with proper health and diet and learn how to grow fruits, plants, and vegetables naturally, completely organically—how to prepare the soil right, how to do basic agriculture. I have farmland out in Texas so if I figure it out, there is a possibility of creating a farm that can supply homeless people with healthy food. They are getting the slob of the slob: high fructose corn syrup, white bleached flour, everything that is processed. I would love to get healthy food to them.

Read the entire Christianity Today interview here.

Also, look now, because it’s not everyday that one sees a North American Division press release as a part of a TMZ story: “ANGUS T. JONES’ CHURCH—We’re NOT Affiliated with Doomsday Preacher”

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