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In Appreciation

Yesterday a colleague rushed in to share Facebook comments by two current students at my college: “Feeling soooooo blessed right now!!” said one.  “God is good!…I am amazed daily by the doors he has opened in my life,” said the other.

A nursing faculty leader had logged on to Facebook just an hour or so after letting these students know they were going to receive scholarships (not very large) for next school—and already these students were telling their friends how happy they were with the news.

Just since July 1 the Spectrum has received gifts of $5,000 and $2,000, together with others not so large but equally as appreciated. A graduate student, for example, sent $20.

When this happens, the Spectrum teams feels—well, the team feels “soooooo blessed,” and so “amazed.”

Through the magazine and website, Spectrum gives you honest news about Adventism’s biggest challenges. You get provocative, helpful commentary, too. Plus a chance (especially easy on the website) to chime in with an opinion of your own.

This happens on the cheap: it’s as truly a labor of love as you will ever find. But it can’t happen for nothing. We want to get better and better, and that, especially, can’t happen for nothing.

So besides chiming in now and then with words, chime in with—a check or a payment by credit card. Your generosity will make us as grateful as those nursing students. To me and to others at Spectrum, generous people are heroes

It’s that simple.  THANKS.

Charles Scriven is President of Kettering College of Medical Arts and chairman of the board of the Adventist Forum|SPECTRUM.

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