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Adventist News Roundup: LLU = $$$ Edition

Here are some headlines from around the Adventist community.
Loma Linda grads earn biggest bucks. For the second year running, Loma Linda University graduates earn top starting salaries according to the 2010-2011 College Salary Report. The median starting wage for LLU graduate students is $69,100, second only to the California Institute of Technology ($69,900). In 2009, Loma Linda University grads won outright, besting MIT with a median salary of $71,400 to MIT’s $71,100, according to a CBS Money Watch article.
It’s not all good news for Adventist allied health programs. The Chattanooga Pulse website reports that Southern Adventist University has suspended its home nursing program after two nursing students were threatened at gunpoint. More here.
National Geographic editors released their picks for the top ten weirdest new animals of 2010. Among the species making the cut, La Sierra University biology professor Lee Grismer’s discovery Leiolepis ngovantrii, a Southeast Asian lizard whose population is all female. The unusual lizards reproduce by cloning themselves. See more bizarre animals at National Geographic, and more on the Leiolepis ngovantrii at
Speaking of making the cut, “Committed,” the a cappella group with Oakwood University roots, continues to wow judges and audiences on season two of NBC’s The Sing-Off. An astute Spectrum reader points out that if “Committed” should go on to win the talent contest, it would be the second consecutive victory for an Adventist group. Season one winners, “Nota!” hail from San Juan, Peurto Rico. The group formed at Antillean Adventist University (Universidad Adventista de las Antillas). Sing-Off continues this week Monday (Dec. 13) and Wednesday (Dec. 15). The live finale airs Monday the 20th. Full episodes available at
Finally, fans of Adventist parachurch ministries take note: John Bradshaw, currently pastor of the Village Seventh-day Adventist Church in College Place, WA, has agreed to replace Shawn Boonstra as speaker/director of It Is Written. Boonstra announced last week that he is stepping down due to personal health reasons, hastening to add that his condition is not cancer or any other life-threatening ailment.

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